Emergency Appeal - Phase 2

Support the displaced Israeli children

Robinhood Israel Foundation is now turning to the needs of the 100,000 Israeli children displaced from the Gaza and Lebanon borders – out of 200,000 displaced Israeli civilians - in areas of need not covered by the Israeli Government assistance package. RHIF will be funding two essential programs - psychological and educational support - through Jewish Family Services Israel and English Language Initiative (ELI), two non-profit local organizations. 

Psychological assistance for the children (JFSI)

Jewish Family Services Israel (JFSI) teams of social workers and psychologists provide basic short-term psychological assistance to internally displaced children and their parents ($35 each session). Much is needed for families to be able to function.


English for the Displaced Children (ELI) Displaced children are now joining local schools in their new home area with many classes doubling in size as a result. Assistance for on-site English teaching in smaller groups is needed. English Language Initiative (ELI) provides material, subscriptions, and support teachers to help the displaced children. 


ELI is also providing English language magazines to reservists’ bases. We are looking for a dozen sponsors for $360 each to provide these magazines. Please specify allocation with your donation.

Make a difference now in the life of the children. Thank you.

Should you have any specific preferences regarding the purchase, allocation, or dedication of your donation, please feel free to specify them in the notes section.

All donations are IRS tax-deductible

RHIF is a US 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization