Israel Rule of Law Initiative

The Israel Rule of Law Initiative combats corruption and abuse of power within Israel by
using practical solutions within the Israeli justice system and bureaucracy.

Israel continually falls short in providing basic rights to many of its weakest citizens, a crisis
that has only been further exacerbated in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.1

We assist individuals, particularly recent arrivals to navigate Israel’s justice system and
bureaucracy. By incorporating various projects within it, this initiative is modeled on
organizations like the ACLU in the US, JUSTICE, and Liberty in the UK. Our goal is to
provide practical solutions for new arrivals to uphold their fundamental rights. Employing a
growing number of pro bono and low bono attorneys, the Israel Rule of Law Initiative assists
cases that do not qualify for legal aid, either aiding with per se appeals or securing private

Our current projects engage in a wide range of cases and campaigns in the fight to uphold to
rule of law in Israel. These include:

The Lawyer of Last Resort project, which assists indignant clients, who have been
turned down for legal aid to find and fund competent counsel;

The Freedom of Information Act project, which, uses judicial orders to compel the
state to provide information to clients that they have the right to access;

Two family access rights projects which campaign for the rights of grandparents, and
fathers. These serve as primary legislative and social welfare advocacy organization
for divorced fathers and families, serving as a liaisons and lobbyists in various
institutions and government entities.

Litigation Fund Israel (LFI) helps fund cases on behalf of citizens who have been
harmed by bureaucratic ineptitude or impropriety, and to secure rightful relief and

1 Prof. Yuval Shany, “Another Victim of the Pandemic: Our Fundamental Rights,” The Israel Democracy Institute, March 5, 2021,